Fall Feast 2015

Fall Feast is an event is that is meant to spread the knowledge of African Food to the Public. We serve food from different countries in Africa. We guarantee that you will enjoy it. Don’t miss out!



Senior Farewell 2015

Senior Farewell is a night to celebrate and commemorate all the seniors of HASA. Its a night to go through memories and an opportunity to create more memories before the Harvard journey and HASA experience comes to an end!



Africa Night 2015

Africa Night is the biggest event of the year for HASA and it’s held every Spring. It is a night of African food, dances, musical performances, fashion show, laughter, love, and much more! It is a celebration of our Africanness, and of the culture and diversity of the beautiful continent that we call home. 


Fall Feast 2017

Africa Night 2018